DMP For WordPress Websites

DMP for WordPress, an ideal plugin for handling immense amount of structured and unstructured data in WordPress websites and deliver an engaging and relevant experience to the visitors to the website. To precisely track the exact count of visitors to a WordPress website, a simple tracking code is enough for dJAX DMP, a simple yet very effective code that can deliver the exact visitor count without any hindrance. With the technically advanced plugin the access to comprehensive access comprehensive information about the online behaviour of your visitors like gender, age, interests, and so on. This will also help in content personalization which will maximize the likelihood by showing the relevant content for a given user. With tailor made experience to every visitor, the count of visitor to the site will improve tremendously.

Below is the visitor data,
  • Page visit details like Users, Number of Sessions, Sessions per User, Page views ,Number of Pages/Session.
  • Visitor’s Geo tracking like Country and City Recognition.
  • Visitor’s Demographic prediction, Interest and Intent tracking, Form details tracking with GDPR compliance.
  • Audience segmentation based on Category, Demographic, Interest.
  • Details on the Search Engine visitor is coming from, number of Referrals from each Referring Site.
  • Data Export in TSV, XML, and CSV formats
  • Statistical Reporting Emails
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