Cookieless Audience Tracking

Tracking customers without the third-party has become mandatory as many browsers planned to phase out third-party cookies. Apps or the tracking pixel which are cookie based will not be able to track the user activity or journey anymore. Now, it is time for them to find an alternate way to track users without relying on cookies.

Apple says that safari browser implemented strict regulations blocking cross-domain tracking by deleting first and third-party cookies.

Firefox has implemented Enhanced Tracking Prevention which automatically blocks trackers and protects user’s privacy.

Google has also strengthened its Chrome browser privacy policy by giving users more control, choice, and transparency.

After this ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) updates, online campaigns using cookie based approach face restrictions. This makes clear that business that depend on the Third-party cookie for advertising should need prepare now consider cookieless tracking options.

What is cookie based tracking and its drawbacks

Cookies are small file that collect every user journey across that site and save it on your device. Cookies are domain and browser specific. This text file pose a greater security risk as anyone can open and tamper these cookies and users privacy is being invaded.Even as the cookies help for content personalization, there are security problems where third-parties can access this cookie.

The traditional cookie-based tracking system can track and identify user ids, but it has several disadvantages,

  • Cookie data has an expiration date. So for the same users a new cookie will be created and they will be considered as new user.
  • The cookie data stored data can easily be deleted, leading to information gaps.
  • Cookie data resides only in a single browser and is not accessible in another browser even on the same device.

This creates a misrepresentation of the user the unique user counts is usually not accurate.

Cookieless tracking

Tracking without cookies is possible by tracking the entire journey of a customer in this cookieless era. In the context of cookie privacy, we track users by type of fingerprinting.This helps advertisers , agencies and media buyers to accurately identify every click and conversion. Cookieless tracking also allow to track cross-device and cross-domain users.

Benefits with cookieless tracking:

  • Privacy and security – more as solution utilize serverside tracking, this reduces the risk of affiliate frauds.
  • Cross-device tracking – Irrespective of the device that the consumers use cookieless monitoring makes it possible to accurately track users.
  • GDPR & CCPA complaint – respect for individual privacy and all privacy laws

Irrespective of the device that the consumers uses, it is possible to get a real-time picture of their browsing journey, making the Cross-device targeting also possible in this cookieless era.

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