What is Behavioral Marketing? How dJAX DMP help to achieve this?

Behavioral Marketing is method to strengthen advertising campaigns by targeting the campaigns based on marketers preference. This method uses users’ personal information and online behavior patterns to deliver more relevant ads. So advertisers and publishers can target customers based on their behaviors across different websites. This increases the sales revenue as well as brand awareness.

Difference between Behavioral Targeting and Behavioral Advertising

Behavioral targeting is the technique used to deliver more relevant and personalized content like the product recommendations.

Behavioral advertising is an online advertising that uses behavioral targeting to display ads and personalized content to users.This behavioral targeting had proved revolutionary improvement over the traditional advertising.

Why is Behavioral targeting important compared to Contextual targeting

Earlier digital advertising was based on contextual targeting, where the ads will be delivered based on a user’s related keywords and/or relevant topics. It does not involve with any data about users and will focus only on the content of the pages where the ad is placed. The main purpose of contextual advertising is to make sure that the advertisement is relevant to the website it is published on.

But for tailored advertising and retargeting contextual targeting can alone be not enough. Gathering data about the customer’s online browsing and shopping behaviors across the device/platform will help to create ads that are relevant to user’s habits and interests. This increases the conversion rate compared to the traditional contextual targeting.

How behavioral targeting works with DMP

The first step will be tracking the users activity like pages visited, time spent, clicks ,searches. Tracking refers to the process of collecting and processing data to offer personalized advertising.All this data creates a user persona or profile that can be used to segment the audience into certain types. People with similar online behavior can be grouped together into one segment. Then, these segments are shown ads that cater to their interests.

And this data collection is done by data management platform (DMP). dJAX DMPManager allows collecting, storing data for specific business ideas, organize it, and activate on sales platforms.

Effective behavioral targeting depends on knowing how to leverage this collected information towards achieving marketing goals.

dJAX DMP Manager does this by not only collecting data but also analyze and storing the data which allows to create segments and you can also generate report to do optimize your behavioral campaign targeted at a specific group. Will collect, store, and organize data for advertisers. It will aggregate the behavioral data about the site’s visitors. With behavioral targeting, can see a rise in new business, repeat customers and engagement.

1. Collect and Analyze Data

User data is collected from all sources like website/mobile browsers and Mobile app visitor had visited. Collectable data includes the behavioral pattern that’s related to shopping and search habits. This collected measurements are then stored within data-management platform. Here are some of the examples of information DMP will be collecting:

  • User login information (for registered users)
  • IP address and geo location
  • Pages viewed
  • Time spent on a website
  • Content read
  • Duration of visit & Last date of visit
  • Interactions with the website
  • Search terms
  • Ads, content, and clicks

2. Audience Segmentation

With the analyzed data distinctions between users, purchasing interests, audience can be grouped into segments.

For this first the user profile should be created. This includes all acquired behavioral data about a particular user, such as search patterns, page visits, clicks, shopping preferences, etc.

Audience segmenting is crucial for behavioral advertising campaign’s success.

After user profiles have been created they can be separated into different groups depending on their interests and behavioral patterns.

Like, people who buy the same product frequently are clustered into one segment, while new customers and allocated to another one.

3. Applying the audience

Ad campaigns are targeted with specific user segment, to make the advertising more relevant for specific groups of users . This will increase the likelihood of conversions and responses. This can define the success of the entire campaign. Advertiser to create relevant ad campaigns and strategies aimed at these specific segmented audience.

With dJAX DMPManager you can track your campaign’s success ensuring that your campaign is going in the right direction with in-depth analytics, heatmaps, and much more.

Advertiser Benefits

  • Increase the Ad clicks through by understanding visitor habits helps advertisers to identify audiences engaged with specific products or touchpoints. Ads delivered to a highly-desired product will likely seek a quick click through.Emarketer also confirms that behavioral targeting can double ad effectiveness. Campaigns based on behavioral targeting reaches 60% more click-to-open rates compared to traditional ads and show better results in other metrics also.
  • Best possible return on investment on campaigns Delivering ads that match with audiences behavior is more likely to drive conversions.By delivering advertisements that match interests of the audience are able to enhance conversion rates and increase ad performance. By using behavioral targeting there will be rise in engagement , customer retention metrics, purchases and overall customer experience. Behavioral targeting can also decrease your spending on advertising as it ensures your ads are getting to the right people.
  • Appealing content to users by analyzing user behavior , understand customer needs better. This Behavioral targeting allows ads to reach user who have previously expressed interest in the same category and therefore are more likely to respond positively.

Publisher Benefits

  • Increase in User Engagement Can identify audiences that have engaged with specific products or touchpoints. Delivering the ads more relevant to the user who is visiting the page and not to the page. The ads must not be irrelevant to the user as this might reduce engagement with their product, app, or publication.

By continually seeing ads for products user find attractive makes them remind to go back and finalize the transaction. This not only help increase the number of orders but their overall value as well.

dJAX provides the right behavioral targeting solution for your right audience targeting. Reach us through info@dmpmanager.com

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