self hosted dmp

Self Hosted DMP

A DMP that is hosted, controlled with complete independency is under your own leadership. Self-hosted dJAX DMP manager is an efficient platform designed to handle delicate information with ease, it can have an immense effect on the industries dealing with sensitive data. An ideal platform enables you with private deployment option, deployment on your own domain. It gives control over handling audience data. Self-hosted data management platform by dJAX DMP manager is the best option available to tackle the growing concern of data security and ownership. There are different advantages for utilizing a self-hosted dJAX DMP manager; you have the opportunity to make the best out of the  raw information.

Key Features

Data activation

Data Activation

A perfect integration with all possible data available in the current trend to amplify the reach of marketing campaign.

multi client capability

Multi Client Capability

Control every sub client individually with dedicated reading or writing access. Sub client specific segment building or globally under your master instance available audience.

Data sharing

Data Sharing

Data sharing on every level. Each instance can be handled autonomously without contact to others.

Real time segmentation

Real Time Segmentation

based on request attributes will be assigned to a segment within real-time and tagged in the DSP. Real time API will be updated.

Data Control

Data Control

For data sensitive industries our DMP is a valuable addition, with no access to third parties, security of the data stored will never be compromised.

Data Compliance

Data Compliance

Imperative to make sure that all the regulations are adhered by while using the platform, handling personal data – on whatever level and of whatever kind – is subject to ever-more stringent data protection laws.

Flawless campaign with the power of data across all the devices
Amplify audience engagement with impeccable targeting creatives, know your audience.

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