Pace of of operation with DMP

Pace of operation with DMP

Data management platforms on the surface may look like a simple tool in segmenting the data but it is an efficient platform that is capable of delivering myriads of data that can be used for reaching a targeted audience.  DMPs are an imperative part of performing the following crucial activities.

  • Collection of online and offline data
  • Data for targeting and personalization.
  • Analytics, modelling and audience creation.

When we get deeper with DMPs an important difference can be found out about what is often assumed to be table stakes for DMP, data scale and data speed are imperative for a DMP. Data speed of a DMP is what you about to witness.

DMP is usually a huge investment that must be researched well before taking the first stride. You don’t want to be stuck with an overpriced analytical tool then you must dig deep to the core of DMP to get substantial ideas about the process of these data houses.

The pace of marketing is very important for any audience, with time-sensitive data the pace at which the operation is being carried out must be noted if the data is put into any use. In the digital ecosystem if a competitor influences a particular audience group before you then it will provide them with a head start in influencing their brands. If recent purchase suppressions take a month to get into full swing then it is simply a waste of money and it can also annoy your newly obtained customer.

The reality is, the pace of operation definitely matters. It may sound simple and easy but is disguised in many pitches. Certain DMPs will proclaim that they can ingest and provide real-time data but are more likely referring to site retargeting specifically.

Retargeting is an important part but it is just an additional tool along with the first, second and third party data. To add to this there are also some operational constraints that must not be overlooked, it can put the entire operation in jeopardy.

Pace of operation

If you get tangled with an ineffectively operating DMP it can slowly drain resources and put you out of operation completely. When reaching the audience and developing audience demographic the platform must be ready for quick adjustments and developments.

In some cases, the DMPs will make you wait for long hours, sometimes days. This can lead to stagnation in the process and will often lead to unnecessary work and frustration. dJAX DMP manager is equipped to handle multiple audience mapping, sometimes a single method cannot be trusted and thus having multiple choices can help in taking quick decisions. If not it can lead to unwanted delays in the operation.

The Adtech world must be agile in bringing their ideas to life; if the process is delayed then it can lead to a bad revenue graph. Analyse each step before it is being put into action and at the same time be a vigil in creating a perfect ecosystem for data collected.

The pace at which data is being processed and sent out.

The DMP must be ready in processing the data and should deliver it immediately. Almost all the DMPs in the market claim to perform this action but there is a twist to this. It can be only done when the processing ID is already synced with the platform providing the details of the data that is already provided.

But when the IDs are not synced with the system then there will be a waiting phase until the sync pixels identifies the user. It can vary from hours to months or in some cases it will never happen. Marketers must know what makes the proactive ID to fire immediately so that they can deliver the data immediately.

The pace of data flowing in

The DMP must be ready to ingest any form of data that is obtained from first, second and third party both online and offline. When online data are considered the ingestion must happen then and there and with for offline data the ingestion process must be completed within a time frame of 24hours.

The main reason for a DMP to lag is if the DMP is not a primary distributor of third-party data. Whatever may be the source, having fresh data is imperative in developing a perfect strategy from a single platform.

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