Lookalike Audience

It is the right time for marketers to reach new customer exhibiting attributes that is relevant to their existing customers and business goals. With large audience you can deliver creatives to more number of people who are perfect targets for your business and this can lead to new prospects.

Initial set of audience data, known as Seed audience data is vital for reaching a large group of audience. Seed audience data is obtained from different important sources that like online, offline CRM, purchases and other digital sources. This process allows you to build a large audience base from multiple smaller segments and this can improve the reach of advertisers by a huge margin.

Seed audience data is analysed along with DMP Manager’s obtained audience data and third-party data; it optimizes your results for lookalike audiences.

How can Lookalike Audience cause impact?


increase in qualified leads


increase in audience engagement rate


uplift in sales revenue


increase in Cost Per Engagement


increase in conversions


decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

The main objective for building Lookalike audience is to discover new prospects that can amplify the reach of your business, it abets marketers to increase their campaign reach with every campaign. Lookalike process brings in more similar audience and this can increase the conversion and ROI.

  • Identify a large group of qualified customers with similar attributes.
  • Extend the reach of retargeting by delivering perfectly targeted ads.
  • Reach and target in-market audience who are most likely to convert.
  • Automate and scale further using seed audience data.

How DMP Manager Classifies the Audience Data

DMP Manager Implements advance technology to analyse your Seed audience and identify the key characteristics to find similar audience matching your target audience requirement. Our machine learning algorithm allows us to classify new users as lookalikes perfectly matching your attributes.

  • Categorize customer based on the domain visited by them using advance machine learning methods.
  • Enrich customer understanding and gain access to similar audiences group that are more likely to get converted.

Generate Leads Similar to Lead Audience

  • DMP Manager optimizes your target audience by combining the Lookalikes and lead ads thereby amplify ROI.
  • Analyze and acquire new customer at the most granular level.
  • Breakdown hindrance faced by marketers to know the right lead generation efforts to bring in revenue and new customers.
  • Amplify leads by using CRM data to create custom audience and Lookalike audience.
  • Higher engagement rate when compared with geographic or demographic based targeting.
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