Lead Generation Platform

Effectively monetize data and generate quality leads through CRM, website and analytics of an organisation. With Lead Generation Platform generate valuable leads using marketing information which is an essential part for improving sales and marketing operations in many organizations. Maximize your yield with up-to-date information on prospects and customers, better insight into individual customer journey. Perfectly monetized and fine-tuned data organized based on insights elevates the operational performance to the next level. Marketers are looking for new ways to reach buyers and get ahead of the curve, Lead Generation platform is the best fit for it. Instead of finding new customers through email blast, marketers can now focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers. The platform enables publishers to take advantage of expanding monetization and audience-engagement opportunities. Identify and reach sales ready leads without any hassle using quality data.


Dynamic Leads

Qualified leads to dynamically score relevant and vital customers based on their properties and behaviour.

Filters & Segments

Remove noise, make selections, and focus on target customers which you can save as segments.

Visitor Identification

Improve sales by identifying sales ready leads at that are effective. Track the individuals, the campaigns and content they engage with.

Data Generate Leads

Measurable positive impact on business revenue by quality leads through quality data.

Elevate Raw Data Value

Highlight data to potential buyers; understand its potential uses and make it more marketable.

Monetize data with DMP Manager - Lead Generation

Streamline your process and monetize data efficiently to identify leads and improve sales, the platforms ensure reduction of time in finding and monetizing quality leads and staying up-to-date on qualified leads.

  • Analyze and understand data sources; ensure proper and qualified leads are entering into the system.
  • Extremely organized data; obtain high-value data which will be invaluable to any organization.
  • Advance data analysis to identify an organization for which the data in-hand is highly relevant.
  • Organized and well-segmented data based on organizational insight will resemble as a quality product for organizations.
  • dJAX Lead Generation identifies desirable organizational insights and project to potential buyers.
  • Highlight relevant data to potential buyers and help them understand its potential uses and make it more marketable.


increase in monetization and audience-engagement


increase in raw data quality


increase in data revenue


increase in quality leads


increase in Identifying up-sell opportunities.

Generate Leads - Advance Audience Data

Create additional revenue streams with Lead Generation platform to automatically generate and qualify leads from the user and push them towards conversion. A steady flow of qualified leads through intense audience data analysis to elevate the performance of marketing campaigns. Identify leads based on profile and behaviour data; technologically advanced techniques to find the perfect leads and it can be monetized by selling the relevant leads required for the organisation.

  • Improve operational performance and core business functions with advance audience data analysis.
  • Machine learning algorithms can easily monetize the data and organize information in the best possible method for better audience understanding.
  • Formulate a new revenue stream with the in-hand audience data with Lead Generation Platform.

Close the gap in audience data with dJAX DMP Manager’s Lead Generation Platform, the platform connects a pile of effective CRM data and any organization looking to identify potential customers’ demographics. Generate effective leads and also improve organizations revenue with Lead Generation Platform.

How the platform benefits data handling industries?

  • An ideal platform for business with a wide range of raw data in hand; make use of the raw data in the best possible way.
  • Advance value-added analysis of raw data to improve the quality of information to be sold.
  • Guaranteed quality data and performance.
  • Expertise in transforming business data and assist organisation in improving CRM and marketing databases.
  • Identify up-sell opportunities.
  • Formulate data-driven business models and discover radically new businesses instead of adjacent businesses.
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