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Recognizing the Audience and Audience addressability is a greater challenge in delivering a seamless customer experience. Knowing about your customer well will help to create sustainable loyalty between a customer and a product.What ever the device or channel the user had come in, identifying your audience across touch points will facilitate a seamless individual journey.
Simply put, it is a mechanism to unify customer profile by connecting identifiers gathered from multiple devices/channels in this customer-centric market or people based marketing.

Why Identity Resolution matters

Today’s consumer moves between multiple devices and their first party data is collected from each data points. Building a complete picture of consumer behavior is mandatory and without a unified understanding of these it is hard to reach customer identity objective. So you have to map and get a single view of customer.
Identity resolution is not only unifying the customer but also providing consistent experiences across multiple channels/devices.

  • Identify visitors across channels for remarketing.
  • Turning anonymous traffic into known audience targeting.
  • Reduce the Ad spends by targeting the qualified right audience.

Marketers need this ‘Identity resolution’ to identify and relate customers at the right time and allows brands to keep pace with customers. This is what also meant the process of cross-device identification or cross-device targeting.

Typical challenges marketers face include:

1. No specific information about a customer and there is no concrete information about preferences, devices used.

2. Fragmented identities as customers engage across various channels and touch points on numerous devices. Identifying each digital source and associating a customer identity with them is a challenge

3. Disjointed online and online identities is a complex task due to non-persistent data, and data loss as multiple vendors are involved

How Identity Resolution help

Data is collected from all the device and it is an anonymous profile of a consumer. Now to enable people-based targeting, personalization and measurement these collected data has to be mapped by connecting different identifiers from multiple platforms and devices in real-time.This is achieved by the ID graph and different solution providers follow their own way in achieving this.

ID graphs play the important role to build a user profile by matching individuals and their behavior data. First a customer journey map to be built by identifying the platform, channels user had visited. Next have to map the move along with the path of the journey. Then with the defined set of identifiers/attributes will match the individual to the platform/device.

Marketers can immediately recognize and engage with known customers no matter the touch-point or stage in their buyer journey.

Process involved in Identity Resolution:

  • Identify – Customer’s journey across various channels, platforms and devices
  • Connect – Join customer’s Journey between devices, platforms and channels along the path to purchase
  • Match – individuals or households to each device, platforms
  • Validate – If it is the same individual across all those devices, platforms
  • Activate – data to adtech or martech campaigns

For example, if you have three set of data,

  • The first has the first name, last name and email address.
  • The second has first name initial, last name and phone number
  • The third has a first and last initials and email id and phone number.

Without identity resolution, you would consider this as three different users. So your spend in marketing is not correctly distributed to reach different customers. But with an identity resolution approach, it can give a correct match that this is almost certainly the same customer. You can then do a much more targeted and focused campaign to this individual.

dJAX Identity Resolution help you in first-party data collection, data onboarding, audience-matching, segmentation and analytics. With the right technology and strategy, provides the complete solution for customer Identity.

dJAX is happy to resolve your Identity crisis and provide the right solution. Reach us through

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