Audience segmentation

Deliver high impact creatives to the right audience with DMP Manager’s advanced audience segmentation, the best option for delivering effective ads to the digital audience across all channels and devices. Perfect segmentation to deliver perfect creatives that can push audience towards conversion.

  • Advance segments based on latest trend; demographics, media usage, behavioural pattern, geographical location, psychographic.
  • Our advanced segmentation has proven to enhance audience engagement and revenue by adapting ingenious approach.
  • Forecast your media spend by obtaining exact audience count during the segmentation; this enables you to effectively handle your fund.
  • Highly-relevant segments helps to reach audiences with the right message at different stages of the purchase.

Tag management

Implement changes, effectively manage campaigns, and modify events from a single panel that can without any hassle. Deploy custom events with minimum technical expertise in the most advanced way possible. Efficient and easy to use interface offers simple procedures for implementing and managing tags on various digital properties.

  • A Centralized platform where the tag manager serves as a container by placing one snippet of code on a website from where the tags can be managed within a simple UI.
  • Organise, manage and control customer data along with marketing technology across various platforms.
  • Control tag deployment through intuitive web interface and there is no need for any codes.
  • Add, remove and edit any tag with utmost simplicity.

Content personalisation

Improve user engagement on your site by a huge margin; deliver personalized content through your website according to individual user visiting your website. This will increase audience engagement and provide an impactful experience for the user. Data based audience preference will increase your operational efficiency in every aspect and will definitely improve your revenue.

  • Deliver personalized content to every user who visits the site based on their behavioural and browsing pattern.
  • Improve user interaction in your site and maximize conversion through effective personalization.
  • Accurate data to perfectly personalize the page according to the user visiting at any given moment.
  • Data obtained from DMPmanager enables you to deliver perfect personalized content in the UI without any implications.

Media integration

Share the perfectly segmented audience data to Adtech and Martech systems through DMP Manager. Seamless media integration can be done with Adtech systems such as Demand side platforms (DSP), supply side platforms (SSP), Revive Adserver, programmatic adserver and with affiliates, also it can be integrated with Martech systems such as email marketing and social media marketing platforms like Mautic Platform to serve targeted ads and reach the right audience in the right time.

  • Share your data with utmost security to any of your partners, Adtech and Martech, data will be delivered without any hindrance.
  • Plug and serve highly targeted ads to your pre-defined target audiences across the web.
  • DMP Manager will assist your agency partner in buying effective media by sharing vital data seamlessly.
  • Integrate data with any of your partner for delivering effective campaigns to the right audience.

Marketing analytics

A well designed tool is mandatory to understand imperative audience data delivered by DMP Manager. Know in depth about the trend prevailing in the market to launch perfect that can increase the reach and awareness by a large scale.

  • Single dashboard where you can measure and compare marketing performance for specific audiences across digital channels (including display, video, search, etc.)
  • The need for manually-aggregated spreadsheets and reports is not required anymore.
  • Easy to use dashboard for marketers, clearly see campaign performance and optimize media spend based on your findings.
  • A single dashboard to know all about your campaign performance and with options to make real time adjustments.

Identity Management

DMP Manager’s Identity management solution improves customer experience drastically through relevance and personalization across all channels. Knowing audience behavioural pattern and identifying them across various devices and building the complete identity with the cumulative customer interactions will only build a singular view of your customer.

  • Identity management increases the audience group by building a smarter segmentation.
  • An imperative feature for marketers, this can enable them to find the right audience across all the devices thus maximizing their media buys and reducing ad wastage.
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