Audience segmentation

DMP Manager’s audience segmentation for delivering effective ads to the digital audience.

Tag management

A single efficient panel to implement, manage events with minimal technical expertise.

Content personalisation

Display your site and its contents according to individual user preference.

Identity Management

Identity management solution improves relevance and personalization.

Media integration

Advanced features of DMP Manager allows you to share audience segments with ad networks.

Marketing analytics

With all the critical audience data in your DMP, you need an easy-touse tool to understand it.

Audience segmentation

Deliver ads that cause great impact when viewed by the audience. DMP Manager’s advance audience segmentation is the best available option for delivering effective ads to the digital audience across all the devices. With perfect segmentation every ad delivered will move the audience towards conversion. The cutting edge technology used by DMP Manager along with the precise process makes audience segmentation more effective and it is proven by increased audience engagement and better looking revenue graph.

Implementation of Lookalike modelling and data analysis in creating the actionable audience segment has huge benefits and also showing the audience count when creating the segment enables you to forecast your media spend with the audience segmentation created. Highly-relevant segments helps to reach audiences with the right message at different stages of the purchase.

Tag management

A single efficient panel to implement, manage and modify events, ease of access to user in deploying custom events with minimal technical expertise. A Centralized platform where the tag manager serves as a container by placing one snippet of code on a website that references all the tags where the tags can be managed within a simple UI. Efficient and easy to use interface offers simple procedures for implementing and managing tags on various digital properties.

Our well organised tag management system helps organisations to organisation to manage and control their customer data and marketing technology vendors across various platforms. DMP Manager’s tag management system controls the deployment of tags through an intuitive web interface and there is no need for any codes. Add, remove and edit any tag with utmost simplicity.

Content personalisation

Display your site and its contents according to individual user preference. Based on the individual user history and browsing pattern deliver the perfect personalized content to every user who visits your site. This feature will increase the user interaction and will play a vital part in increasing the conversion rate. A personalized site deepening upon the audience browsing and behavioural pattern can be delivered through content personalisation.

Todeliver perfect content personalized site, accurate data is mandatory. Data obtained from DMP Manager enables you to deliver perfect personalized content in the UI without any implications.

Identity Management

DMP Manager’s Identity management solution improves customer experience drastically through relevance and personalization across all channels. Knowing audience behavioral pattern and identifying them across various devices and building the complete identity with the cumulative customer interactions will only build a singular view of your customer. Identity management increases the audience group by building a smarter segmentation.

An imperative feature for marketers, this can enable them to find the right audience across all the devices thus maximizing their media buys and reducing ad wastage.

Media integration​

Advanced features of DMP Manager allow you to share audience segments with Adtech and Martech systems. Seamless media integration can be done with Adtech systems such as Demand side platforms (DSP), supply side platforms (SSP), revive adserver, programmatic adserver and with affiliates, also it can be integrated with Martech systems such as email marketing and social media marketing platforms like Mautic Platform to serve targeted ads and reach the right audience in the right time. Share your data securely with partners, you can “plug and serve” highly targeted ads to your pre-defined target audiences across the web.

DMP Manager also enable you to seamlessly and efficiently share your audience data with your agency partners who make media buying decisions.

Marketing analytics

With all the critical audience data in your DMP, you need an easy-touse tool to understand it. DMP Manager provide one single dashboard where you can measure and compare marketing performance for specific audiences across digital channels (including display, video, search, etc.) – replacing manually-aggregated spreadsheets and reports. It’s critical this dashboard be easy to use for marketers – not made for IT people – so you can clearly see campaign performance and optimize media spend based on your findings.

GDPR Compliance

Technology and advertising have grown side by side. Adtech, a system that is designed to share personal data as widely as possible, it is designed to operate optimally in a world without regulations. With such design how can it comply with GDPR? A regulation aimed to protect the protection of individual data. Every products of DMP Manager abide GDPR regulations; we engineer products that perfectly adheres GDPR regulations.

GDPR, DMP Manager and our Customers

We, at DMP manager handle data with the utmost care and security. The building blocks of our data protection principles are well established and widely accepted; lawfulness, transparency, purpose limitations, integrity and confidentiality. Following GDPR further strengthens our existing privacy and security requirements, including requirements for notice & consent, technical and operational security measures, and cross-border data flow mechanisms.

To address customer commitments towards GDPR, we deliver our package with a set of built-in privacy and security features that gives customers the control over their personal data. This increases the trust factor among our customers.

Personal data management and protection

DMP Manager provides a set of advanced list of features that makes it easy for publishers and customers to manage their personal data. Publishers and customers are provided with an option to make alterations or remove personal data on request; also it gives them the ability to securely transfer their personal data from one place to another. When it comes to protection of personal data, we are the best in securing personal data to protect the integrity of the customer. These include capabilities like encryption, anonymization and more to protect personal data at the highest possible standard as well granular access controls that enables organizations to distinguish which individuals or groups should have access to personal data.

DMP Manager Compliance with GDPR

GDPR contradicts with the basic character of advertising industry. With the advent of programmatic and AI in the advertising industry, it has become a huge task to make the mandatory checklist for compliance with GDPR. No personal data may be processed unless it is done under a lawful basis specified by the regulation, or unless the data controller or processor has received an unambiguous and individualized affirmation of consent from the data subject. The user has the right to revoke their consent at any time.

In recent years, the AdTech industry has grown at an unstoppable rate, helping advertisers to fine-tune their target audiences and, at the same time, collecting an endless stream of data from individuals in order to do so, whether we have given our consent or not. To determine the scope of an industry of this type, all you have to do is look around to find huge number of personalities involved in the industry. Changes that are made to comply with GDPR and deliver engaging, relative creatives without any hindrance.

  • Prioritise quality data over quantity.

  • Personalisation of content according to the context.

  • Directly ask people about what they are interested in.

  • Attentive on consumer interest.

  • Data privacy impact assessment.

  • Update policies and procedures.

  • Notices and consent.

  • Data retention policy.

Be it programmatic, DMP or AI, there are strict principles implemented at DMP Manager to flow within GDPR regulations. The advancements in advertising industry can be carried forward without affecting any of the regulating laws. It is made possible and it will be followed for the future products without any exceptions.

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