dmp white label solution

DMP – White label solution

Own the best data management platform under your brand, your own branded DMP where dJAX DMP manager will be your hosting and invisible technology partner. You have all administrator rights to deal with your customers, see their reports or dispatch their crusades. Your style and logo are put on login screens, inside pages and all report PDF sent out. White Label solution from dJAX DMP manager is an answer that transforms client information into bits of knowledge. Change your big data into smart information that initiates your client portions and powers, promoting personalization over all channels and digital dimensions. Convey an adaptable and very adjustable White Label DMP arrangement with dJAX DMP manager that bolsters a wide range of combinations. We know precisely how to adjust to your business and expand its adequacy. 

Key Features

Rapid adoption

Rapid Adoption

Myriads of custom, out-of-the-box integrations will be available for you in custom White Label DMP ad tech solution.

Better scalability

Better Scalability

Your DMP will be able to handle endless market demands and segment the audiences on an unlimited set of business indicators and attributes.

Low maintenance

Low Maintenance

Provides creates a custom DMP tailored for your brand. It perfectly fits your business objectives and eliminates the need in external services.

Compile data

Compile Data

Collect online and offline user data with the help of white label DMP from any first, second and third party data sources.

Improve your ROI

Improve your ROI

Reliable performance with the flawless platform with assured return. Established DMP provider that has earned the trust of customers, profits are not going to be a problem.

Data security

Data Security

Safe storage for user data, no leakage of user data as it is stored in your own white label DMP not in a third party DMP cloud.

Flawless campaign with the power of data across all the devices
Amplify audience engagement with impeccable targeting creatives, know your audience.

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