DMP Integrations

We at DMP Manager offer technologically advance plugins and with best features that can enhance your data handling experience in the digital era. Amplify your operational performance with an ideal plugin under every category of operation. Customized plugin, professional installation guidance, we, the experts at data provide you with professional assistance to meet all your business needs. We provide effective solutions for integrating your DMP with DSP, CMS, Adserver and Ecommerce. Utility needs for every business differ from one another as it is not a ‘one size fits all’ most of the time. We are clear about it and offer perfect plugin development based on your needs, in which you can prioritize your needs and get the plugin developed and delivered to suffice your business need.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) integration with DMP

Reach a wider spectrum of audience with more relevant ads by analysing their behavioural pattern, we offer an efficient integration of demand side platform (DSP) with data management platform (DMP). Efficient integration of DMPs with DSPs offers invaluable benefits to all the involved parties- ad agencies, publishers and advertisers. The integration ensures better brand awareness and has proven to increase conversion.

  • Reduce ad wastage and improve ROI by relating audience data with user activity, and optimize ad buys and delivery.
  • We integrate DMP with DSP using ID matching or cookie synching for better user reorganization on both sides, also data ingestion method is used for obtaining optimum results.
  • Know in detail about the segment of users visiting your websites and improve the value of impressions obtained for ever ad displayed on your site.
  • DMP Manager’s perfect integration analyses the available digital inventory and match information through ID stitching.
  • Remove redundant information about a single user using the best audience segmentation of DMP Manager. Build better campaign and deliver relevant ads that can cause an impact with perfect DMP and DSP integration.

Ad Server

Every Adtech operation requires additional agility to increase target audience and deliver subsequent ads. DMP Manager with audience data can aid in delivering the perfect creative to the targeted audience which in-turn will increase will increase conversion and amplify ROI from ad spending. Also, by serving the creatives that are related to the user can considerably reduce ad wastage. Statistical data after the implementation clearly indicates the increase in conversion rate and better user experience. Using Revive and dJAX Adserver enhances your chances of reaching the right audience with the right creative.

  • Increased revenue that comes from the improved ability to identify, organize, and report on audiences
  • More granular and automated audience classifications from the DMP, rather than manually generating the same information
  • Improved campaign performance, by using DMP generated segments that capture user intent and behaviour.
Click here to see our Data management platform (DMP) for Revive Adserver

CMS Integration (Content Management System) with DMP

Increase audience engagement, loyalty to your site, and viewers per page by providing an experience driven website that is relevant to audience previous web experience. Integration of DMP with Content management system (CMS) will improve audience experience on the site by delivering relevant content based on their data. Invaluable audience insight obtained from a DMP Manager provides a detailed pattern of audience behaviour.

  • Integrating DMP with CMS provides you an option to personalize content according to the user both progressively and dynamically. Precise content targeting based on audience behavioural pattern.
  • An opportunity to increase audience engagement on your site with CMS integration, deliver personalized based on user interest.
  • Progressive and dynamic content – create invaluable segmentation based on audience behaviour while the campaign is in progress. This invaluable classification allows CMS to deliver tailor made content to the user as they navigate through the site.
  • Precise targeting with content- Real time behaviour pattern of a user will be formulated by DMP Manager based on the pages visited and actions performed by the user.
  • Behaviours will be identified and categorized; the information will be passed on to the CMS. Based on it the content can be personalized to increase user engagement on the site.

Ecommerce with DMP

Building ideal taxonomies and perfect classification of data will allow ecommerce site to better personalize their content for providing the best user experience. A huge step in making audience as customers is perfectly classified taxonomy that delivers customer intent clearly to you. Deliver tailor made customer experience with data driven contents that can increase revenue by folds. Data driven approach will land you the best marketing decision for any ecommerce site.

  • DMP Manager offers seamless integration with any ecommerce website irrespective of their back end platform (Magento, Prestashop Bigcommerce, WOOcommerce).
  • Simple yet efficient data driven marketing which can increase revenue be offering audience the best experience on your site.
  • Execute programmatic campaigns with ease and with real time reports you can make changes to take your changes to the next level.
  • Well organised and proven solution is offered by DMP Manager to reduce “cart abandonment” rate improves your operational performance.
  • Strict data driven approach to provide audience with the best experience, this will drastically reduce cart abandon rate.
  • Eliminate duplicate profiles with DMP Manager, which can enrich data and ensures that all correlated events and attributes are merged into one profile.

DMP For WordPress Websites

An ideal method for handling immense amount of audience data in any WordPress website, DMP Manager handles structured and unstructured data in WordPress websites and delivers precise reports on audience visiting the WordPress website. Understand audience behaviour, know about audience visiting the website, and get your hands on the detailed precise reports about the number of visitors to the site.[Read More…]

DMP For Joomla Websites

An in-depth reach and understanding about the visitors to your Joomla website with the technically advanced DMP. Precise analysis, clear segmentation and detailed tracking reports; best features of the DMP embedded with advanced tracking technology to clearly define audience behaviour, count of new visitors per day and much more. DMP for the future, best way to gather audience intelligence for any Joomla websites out there, reach right audience with DMP Manager.

  • Precise segmentation and advanced analysis for better audience understanding.
  • Import existing audience data; it can be analysed.
  • Deliver personalized content based on audience interest [Read More…]
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