DMP for Publishers​

Publishers need for Data Management Platform

For Publishers to truly understand customers and drive yield from site by enabling the reach of those audiences, DMP Manager is the right tool to manage critical audience data assets. By analyzing the audience data, publishers can effectively segment inventory and obtain better targeted ad distribution to DSPs,SSPs, Ad exchanges, and Ad network.

Audience analytics and discovery

Audience analytics allow publishers to gain insight into the actual profile of their site visitors, discovering non-intuitive attributes that can be used to enrich their ad offerings. With the rich set of attributes able to create a group of visitors from shopping intent, demographic, geo-location to interest and business profiles that help buyers to discover new pockets of audiences more likely to produce results.

  • Create unique audience profiles from first, second and third party data integration. Audience profile after a clear analytics will identify the most valuable segments to use across any digital channel.
  • With the Audience Analytics, you can incorporate audience data such as demographic information (e.g. gender or income level), psychographic information (e.g. interests and hobbies), CRM data, and ad impression data into any Analytics workflow.
  • Through the Audience Analytics integration, for each hit, a visitor’s audience membership is looked up and a list of segment IDs is returned to Analytics for processing in real time.

Increase the value of publications

Provides the ability for Publishers to target more specific audiences and gain impressions from the market that the advertisers want to reach. Advertiser is in-turn provided with the targeted impressions from high value consumers. Display content to your visitors that matches their demographic information and interests, and delivering content that your visitors have accessed in the past, promotes publishers to attract advertisers for future ad campaigns.

  • Every creative and campaign delivered will have an impact on audience, with error-free data the campaigns are designed to intrigue audience interest.
  • Improved impressions and reach for advertisers with every campaign throughout the process, targeted impressions are obtained by delivering the right creative.
  • Increase the value of your campaign by folds by delivering creatives based on audience interest and behavioural pattern.

Improve campaign yield

Key performance will be monitored for individual campaigns. Identify the best performing audience segments. Driving up / dragging down behaviours and performance within segments. Obtain best results with data sources (first-party, second-party or third-party). Every campaign is equally important and the monitoring process will enable you to make adjustments to real time campaigns that can deliver better results in terms of brand awareness, reaching the right audience, and improved audience reach.

  • Quantum leap technologies are involved in monitoring campaigns in real time to increase the impact caused by every campaign.
  • Right campaign for the right audience segments will allow you to reach a wider audience group and improve your brand reach and awareness among the interested users.
  • Close follow ups on imperative campaigns will reveal imperative data that can play a crucial part in making the future campaigns better than the previous.

Audience extension

Increase your audience base in an effective way for improving your campaigns and reach of your creatives. Expand the reach by increasing audience engagement with ideal data to target them with. Create audience segments that can be used for a range of different revenue-boosting activities – including audience extension. With DMP enable more options for your advertisers while also providing them targeted impressions from high value consumers. Amplifying audience base is directly proportional to visitors on your site.

  • Improve the visitor count on your site with a variety of essential advancements in segmenting a wide range of audience.
  • Amplify your revenue by bringing more audience group with engaging campaigns that can lure their interest towards conversion.
  • Advance technology that allows digital publishers to generate revenue from their web traffic by allowing advertisers to reach their audience far beyond their website.
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