DMP for Publishers​

Publishers need for Data Management Platform

For Publishers to truly understand your customers and drive yield from your site by enabling the reach of those audiences, DMP is the right tool to manage the critical audience data assets. By analyzing the audience data through DMP, publishers can more effectively segment inventory and obtain better targeted ad distribution to DSPs,SSPs, ad exchanges, and network.

Increase the value of Publication

Provides the ability for Publishers to target more specific audiences and gain impressions from the market whom the advertisers want to reach. Advertiser are inturn provided with the targeted impressions from high value consumers. Display content to your visitors that matches their demographic information and interests and delivering content that your visitors have accessed in the past, promotes publishers to attract advertisers for future ad campaigns.

Audience Analytics and Discovery 

Audience analytics allow publishers to gain insight into the actual profile of their site visitors, discovering non-intuitive attributes that can be used to enrich their ad offerings. With the rich set of attributes able to create a group of visitors from shopping intent,demographic, geo-location to interest and business profiles that help buyers to discover new pockets of audiences more likely to produce results.

Audience Extension

Create audience segments that can be used for a range of different revenue-boosting activities – including audience extension. With DMP enable more options for your advertisers while also providing them targeted impressions from high value consumers.

Improve Campaign Yield

Key performance will be monitored for individual campaigns.Identify the best performing audience segments. Driving up / dragging down behaviors and performance within segments. Obtain best results with data sources (first-party, second-party or third-party).

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