DMP for Publishers

Content Personalization

Display content to your visitors that matches their demographic information and interests. Deliver content that your visitors have accessed in the past. Create audience segments and utilize them to personalize your visitors’ experience. Gathering all your first-party data in one place, you can see a clearer picture of your audiences’ interests and past interactions with your site.

Content personalization
Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics 

Better understanding of users data from DMP. Control data assets and monitors its usage. Increase CPM Target better campaigns to improve response rates, CPM rates, conversion and brand recognition. Site optimization Keyword, Crawling error report significantly helps in promoting the Site.

Audience Extension

Create audience segments that can be used for a range of different revenue-boosting activities – including audience extension. With DMP enable more options for your advertisers while also providing them targeted impressions from high value consumers.

Easy ingestion

Improve Campaign Yield

Key performance will be monitored for individual campaigns.
Identify the best performing audience segments. Driving up / dragging down behaviors and performance within segments. Obtain best results with data sources (first-party, second-party or third-party).

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