DMP for Agencies

Agencies need for Data Management Platform

To drive greater insight about habits, spending, demographics and buying intentions of customers fills in the gaps in your understanding of how and when to deliver the right ads matching their stage in the buyer journey to make an impact in the moments that matter to get the most out of your marketing investment.

dJAX DMP Manager provides imperative insight in understanding your audience better so that you can reach more target users. If you are planning to expand data for better audience understanding then DMP Manager can organize, analyze and breakdown data points in order to get the most valuable insight possible. Importance of putting down invaluable data into work is more necessary than ever. In the digital ecosystem without a smart data- driven marketing strategy, your campaigns will reach larger audience but not the right audience who are most likely to convert.

Campaign performance

Deliver engaging campaigns that focuses on audience segments which are more likely to respond. DMP Manager’s advance audience data analysis suggests a great way to improve audience engagement by delivering the perfect campaigns according to audience interest. Better campaigns with best data, the perfect way to approach and increase the reach of every campaign. Amplified campaign performance allows you to improve audience engagement rate and help you find valuable customers and clients.

  • Improved conversion with every campaign, precise audience insight guaranteed to deliver right creative to the right user and lead them towards conversion.
  • Advance operational options to manage and monitor your campaign during every stage of execution. Meticulous reports in real time to make changes and adjustments to improve campaign performance without any delay.
  • Better operational efficiency is derived by analysing every stage of your campaign implementation; this increases your chances of reaching the right audience with the right campaign.
  • Significant improvement to every campaign is assured with right data handling methods in every stage of operation.

Better engagement

It is easy to deliver relevant creatives, with new and advanced insights the ability to reach your right audience increases by folds. dJAX DMP manager provides you with first hand access to audience likes and dislikes, this enables agencies to deliver customized relevant content depending upon the audience interest. Target your audience with precise creatives that can cause an impact in their behavioural pattern, it will provide maximum engagement and conversions. Campaigns with better engagement are proven to have an everlasting impact on the audience and will place your brand permanently in the audience purchasing vicinity.

  • DMP Manager provides you with an option to improve your future campaigns by making use of your invaluable previous campaign data. Indispensible data from earlier campaign will deliver better results and engagement with every campaign.
  • Advance data handling and analysis provides you the ability reach potential customers at every stage of delivering campaigns.
  • Delivering better creatives is not a problem anymore, advance features offered by DMP Manager will allow you to deliver better creatives and increase the drive towards engagement.

DSP/SSP Integration

What is the use of delivering creatives if they don’t satisfy the demand? Deliver creatives that exactly match the ever changing requirements of the industry. Deliver creatives according to the demand, creatives that match the exact requirement of the demand raised at any particular point. Imperative set of data will be provided by dJAX DMP Manager to DSP/SSP that can enhance the creative deliver and viewing experience on all the aspects. Focusing campaign only to the consumers who are most likely to respond.

  • An ideal source of audience information for implementing perfect integration that will enhance the revenue for all the involved parties. A perfect balance between the requirement and supply of creatives so that there is minimal ad wastage during the campaigns.
  • A brand will have all of its audience data as it relates to strategy (targeting) organised in a DMP. Once the brand decides who it wants to target with a particular ad campaign, it will feed this information into a DSP, which will connect to an SSP.
  • The SSP offers various options to reach the desired audience at different prices, and the DSP will automatically determine what is the most appropriate purchase to reach the intended audience (based on the information for the campaign contained in the DMP) at the best price.
  • When the brand (via the DSP) is happy with the price and inventory on offer by the publisher (via the SSP), the exchange takes place and the ad is purchased and delivered.

Data onboarding and client insight

The onboarding mechanism will allow you to activate customers through CRM onboarding, server-to-server onboarding, mobile SDKs and tag and pixel implementation, you can unify your first-party data in-store, website, CRM and campaign data and so you can increase reach, targeting and consistency.

  • Activate customers through CRM onboarding, server-to-server onboarding, mobile SDKs, tag and pixel implementation. You can also unify your first-party, in-store, website, CRM and campaign data which will increase brand reach, targeting and consistency.
  • Real-time reporting capabilities amplified by machine-learning and data driven insights assist agencies in sharing deep insights on how their creatives are driving incremental outcomes for their client campaigns and reveal audience overlap between multiple segments and performance of your audiences.
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