Data Trading

Data Trading

A secure venue for businesses to obtain a variety of information across different sectors, valuable data can be utilized for elevating businesses to the next level. An ideal platform to spur business innovations and lead the market by tapping into the potential of big data but still many are still reluctant to share their proprietary information. With the business environment growing rapidly in the digital world, electronic data occupies a vital part. In the present trends all the exchange of data done with individual companies are through partnership.

We offer Trending information for multiple data types

dmp trending info
  • Social Data: Gather data on both proclaimed and showed social activities, including shared substance, posts, votes and the sky is the limit from there
  • Mobile Data: collect demographic statistic and behavioural information crosswise over a huge number of gadgets around the world.
  • Website Data: Gather announced and exhibited buyer social information from sites, distinguishing group of audience interests.
  • Purchase Data: Gather information on customer purchase from retailers worldwide.
  • B2B Data: Collect proficient and friends information for market and rivalry examinations
  • CRM Data: Gather geographical data and behavioural information from client revealing management services from organizations around the world.

dJAX DMP manager is a perfect solution for publishers who are looking to enhance their revenue. Impress advertisers with optimized campaigns, perfect messages to attract audience attention. With dJAX DMP manager publisher can handle things better.

  • Improves CTR: Better information about site guests, higher CTR achieved by focusing on the correct audience.
  • Influence advertisers: Valuable insights about audience experience.
  • Better conversions: Amplified profits from each clicks, higher CTR enables more conversion of audience into customers.
  • Focused customer zone: Distinguishing and focusing on buyers who are bound to react and finding comparative people who might be anything but difficult to change over.
  • Extended reach: Focusing on and retargeting clients over different gadgets enables you to build up an imaginative, consecutive message that is certain to catch their consideration and intrigue.
data tradding
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