Data Trading

DMP for Data Traders

A secure venue for businesses to obtain a variety of information across different sectors, valuable data can be utilized for elevating businesses to the next level. An ideal platform to spur business innovations and lead the market by tapping into the potential of big data but still many are still reluctant to share their proprietary information. With the business environment growing rapidly in the digital world, electronic data occupies a vital part. In the present trends all the exchange of data done with individual companies are through partnership.

We offer Trending information for multiple data types

Social Data

Powering your collected data with the social conversations lift brand exposure and relevance targeting, retargeting, and message customization immensely powerful. Social data can help you find that potential customer and then reach them with personalized content.

Benefit Marketers by
  • Generates increased brand perception and affinity with ads.
  • Increase engagement touchpoints with users since ads.
  • Leverage the power of social media.
  • Create ideal customers and increase revenue by integrating information from cross-channel, content, and social marketing data and access to marketplace inventory.

Mobile Data

A sophisticated technology platform that addresses the unique challenges of mobile data collection, media organization, and campaign execution with demographic statistic and behavioural information.

Main Features:

Allow you capture, ingest, and classify mobile users on any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) across mobile apps, mobile-optimized sites, and wireless application protocol (WAP) sites by easily ingesting first-party mobile audience data into a centralized platform.

Send audience data created with a mix of first- and third-party data to any partner, facilitating deep integrations for mobile retargeting across multiple ad net-works, exchanges, and media sites.

Unique IDs allow advertisers to understand a user’s movement across devices and environments, that strengthens the Cross-device Targeting.

Website Data

Aggregates website behavioral data and categorizes it into taxonomies for analysis and distribution into adtech systems, DSPs, to enable the buying and selling of programmatic advertising.

  • Ensure that compliant and secure methods are used for all data collection and usage.
  • Analyze site traffic and patterns to get insights into customer interaction.
  • Engage in brand-safe data mining and usage.
  • House all of audience data in one place where multiple partners can utilize it based on pre-defined sharing and security parameters.

Offline Data Merge

Through data matching and normalization, can link overlapping records together and enrich audience records as data flows in and connect with the right audiences at the right time in the purchase cycle, generating more sales and higher marketing ROI.

Match integration enables you to:

  • Expand the first-party data set by adding new first-party categories to the taxonomy based on user’s offline attributes.
  • Rapidly activate offline data by uploading the offline file, can target, optimize, and analyze users across multiple media execution platforms based on their offline attributes.
  • Extend reach using look-alikes with the built-in analytics and modeling to find high-value users that behave like top-performing offline users.
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