Data Exchange

In the digital era the quality of data that is being used and how the data is being handled makes a huge difference in achieving success in data driven marketing. It is imperative to join hands with a trusted partner who can provide in valuable data in the rapidly growing data environment. DMP Manager offers the best quality third party data out there. Agencies, publishers, advertisers and various platforms can hugely benefit from this high quality data in their data driven advertising. Precise data that has abundant real time insights and options for custom segmentation for better targeting are some of our special features. DMP Manager’s Data Exchange provides instant access to high quality data with perfectly defined segmentation.

The combination of advanced deterministic and probabilistic approach accompanied by machine learning techniques is the perfect method to obtain accurate data which is used in predictions and profile creations.Multiple integrated data partners with DMP Manager along with the precise data elevates audience targeting to the next level. This is the best part that will guide you to reach the right audience in the right demographic region. Also, the cross device segmenting option abet many imperative areas; widening the reach of every campaign, decreasing ad wastage, better buying efficiencies, increased cross screen engagement and all this finally leads to improved return on investment (ROI).

Customized data

DMP Manager’s data experts offer you with the best blend of data according to your business needs. Our advance technology allows you to customize the required data, meaning, you are provided with an option to select data from first, second and third party. Based on your business needs the data can be selected and can be activated anywhere. Irrespective of the source you can select the data if required, this provides a better performance insight and allow optimization in every aspect of operation. This part of our data exchange places you in the driver seat of the data race.

Third party data market place

Gain access to the best quality audience segments across the globe. DMP Manager offers data buyers access to largest third party marketplace with standard and transparent data exchange. With unmatched scale in the industry we offer premium data that can elevate the standard of your data driven business operations under any circumstances. We offer a unique opportunity for every publisher, agency and advertiser to make best out of third party data and harness the true potential of data from the best data exchange in the industry.

Second Party Data Marketplace

DMP Manager’s second party data market place provides a secure, transparent connection between data sellers and buyers. A clear and perfect insight will be provided to data buyers about the data source and segmentation criteria for better targeting and optimized campaigns. It assists in attaining the best in class campaign results. A place where invaluable data can be exchanged with utmost security and transparency.

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