Data Enrichment

An efficient way to bring together invaluable data about audience behavioural pattern, DMP Manager, the centralized data management platform provides you with an all around information about audience interactions and engagement. It abet in converting audience into customers. Collection, analysis and segmentation of data assists in constructing an everlasting relationship with the customer and with data as a fundamental step provides a better understanding of the audience perspective. DMP Manager data enrichment gives you the ability to collect data from different sources, including soiled data and shapes them into an actionable one with enhance audience insights.

Audience Insight

DMP Manger provides you with the ability to collect audience data from their interaction on your site, mobile applications and other connected devices. This bundle up audience group and their data across all the devices, thereby making it easier to follow a unique user from any device. This feature allows you to understand the customer better with through behaviour pattern and enables you to adjust marketing strategies according to their preference. This provides an opportunity to make smarter optimizations and targeting decisions to move the customer further towards the conversion path.


This feature enables the option to expand your audience base for better reach, awareness and targeting. Offline and third party data forms a bridge between industry’s privacy standards and media platforms, thereby unifies data with the customer identity and provides you with the option of better branding and direct marketing. This feature provides a great leverage for gaining insights with first party data and expands the reach by modelling audience.

Device Graph

Device Graph

Device graph feature of DMP Manager can reach audience across various devices by overcoming the challenges of cross device marketing. Mapping users across devices is a unique feature of device graph that benefits advertisers and publishers in delivering the right ad to the right customer. Device graph feature assists in targeting and re-targeting the existing customers for people based marketing and also helps marketers reach their standard benchmark by delivering consistent user experience and enabling new cross-device marketing tactics that will ultimately improve their return on investment.

Audience Segmentation

Create dynamic, highly-relevant and real time audience segments with DMP Manager to deliver specific, relevant and right messages to the right audience during different stages.Select specific data based on various criteria, meaning, filter data based on location, source, age and much more. All these features and filters are to make sure that the data stream is perfect for your business needs and applications. Data once segmented can be shared to Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Supply Side Platform (SSP), ad network or exchanges or other advertising platforms for better audience targeting and extending audience lookalikes.

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