Customer Data Platform

Enrich customer experience by formulating and executing effective marketing campaigns with the best-unified data in the industry offered by Customer Data Platform. An ideal platform for the digital space which combines and manages customer from multiple sources, to maintain a single customer view for numerous marketing objective. Identify quality leads and improve revenue generation with unified data view. The platform assists publishers in delivering perfect leads based on lead buyers business requirement with lookalike audience option and abets advertisers in reaching their lead buyers. Automate customer data collection and consolidation across all the different channels and technologies in the marketing ecosystem. Unify both online and offline customer touch-points and create a real-time customer view which can be used across all the operations. Obtain data you need in the format you want and create new possibilities for reaching the right audience.


increase in customer engagement


increase in acquisitions


increase in cross-sales


increase in conversions


revenue uplift on campaigns


increase in CTR with campaigns based on user behaviour

Reasons to have dJAX CDP

Improve audience acquisition, conversion and retention with dJAX Customer Data Platform. The platform is capable of scaling personalized customer experience across all touch-points to give the customer a unified experience. It does also contain the personal identifiers with which a user can be targeted with marketing messages and also track individual-level marketing results. data from multiple sources are gathered and brought in to deliver a unified view for better audience understanding.

Aggregate both online and offline customer data – Advanced queries while users interact with the brands in real-time. Combine data from multiple sources (mobile phones, tablets, POS systems and more). We process millions of data thereby enriching marketing strategies.

360-degree customer profile – Unified customer database under which user profiles are unified and persistent with behavioural and transactional data across data sources.

Real-time marketing insights – Automated user segmentation with real-time insight is highly efficient in delivering campaigns that drive revenue. Identify customer needs in real-time using a unified user profile to target ideal customer segments.

Data-Driven strategy – Omnichannel customer engagement which brings context and personalization to the customer journey. Better campaigns and strategies to bring in maximum impact n real-time.

Better customer engagement – Improve customer engagement and effectively convert the audience into customers. Maximize cross-sell by delivering personalized customer experience. Disregard irrelevant, inconsistent and repetitious offers and communications across touchpoints.

dJAX Customer Data Platform is exceptional in working with both anonymous and known individuals, storing personally identifiable informations (PII) like names, postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. Our CDP offers seamless integration with more advertising systems thereby storing more DMP type information such as cookie IDs with audience tags. With advanced identity matching and flexible data storage dJAX CDP matches the present and future digital environment challenges. There are some crucial differences between DMP and CDP which are provided below.

Customer Data Platform Data Management Platform
Use cases

All of marketing: Integrates with any take actions system including Ad Tech.

Use cases

Specific to advertising: Delivering better targeted ads and improves effective media buying options.

Types of data

Principally include qualitative first party data management with negligible traces of third party data.

Types of Data

Basically third party data management with little (anonymize) first party data.

Profile Identifier

Primarily operates on tangible customer attributes (PII) – customer ID, name, email, address etc.

Profile Identifier

Primarily keyed on anonymous digital identifiers (non PII) – cookie ID, IDFA, etc.

Data Retention

Typically long retention periods to enable analytics over customer lifetime

Data Retention

Relatively short retention periods because primary use cases are ad targeting.

Features with dJAX Customer Data Platform

Single Customer View

Unifying audience data to effectively acquire, engage, and retain customer throughout their journey.

Target high valued customers

By reaching more of the right people and converting them with the right message, increase your right customer acquisition and reduce the ad waste.

Better personalized experience

Increase the customer engagement by delivering content based on individual interests and preferences.

Build Customer Loyalty

Recognize and retain customers by improving personalized experience that increases the retention rates.

dJAX Customer Data platform - Benefits

dJAX DMP Manager delivers to you complete unified data with advance integration support for the data collected from various CRM platforms, email marketing/marketing automation solution, POS system, data warehouses and more. This deep customer insight improves business benefits and marketing strategies simultaneously.

  • Best ROI with advanced marketing analysis capabilities.
  • Manage customer interactions effectively by exporting data collected by CDP.
  • Merge data with ease; merge eCommerce transactions, sync contact data from CRM, merge clicks, opens, and events from your email campaigns and also from many more.
  • Better operational performance and campaign results through optimized predictive analysis.
  • Integrate third-party data with your first-party data to enhance and add essential insight for effective segmentation.
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