Content Personalization

Deliver perfect content to each individual or audience segment based on quality data that grant access to audience interest and behavioural pattern. DMP Manager provides precise and effective data by which publishers and marketers can customize their content and make it more appealing for users. Improved targeted and personalized messages for individual visitors to the website instead of a generalized content for a broad audience, increase the chances for audience to become customer and improve repeated customer rate.

DMP Manager obtains imperative data about audience from numerous sources such as websites, applications, social media, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. These data include all the vital information of the customers and site visitors; information on customer behaviour, location, age, gender, interests and preferences. Along with the data collected from your own website and applications, obtain data from second and third parties also.


Highly personalized content based on the behavioural and browsing pattern.
Better customer segment understanding
Increased user interaction
Accurate data-based audience preference
Maximized conversion through effective personalization

DMP Manager – Content Personalization

Personalized content experience of a user through collection, management and activation of data. Identify and select the message, content and product to be displayed for the user; increase audience engagement, conversion rate and amount of time audience remain in site. DMP Manager’s data insights are effective and perfectly structured, this abets in delivering the right message across devices to the right user.

  • Whenever a user visits the site, DMP Manager will analyze their data and precisely determine their interests, media preferences and other qualities.
  • If the user has visited your site before, then an in-depth knowledge about them will be available including how they’ve interacted with site in the past.
  • When the user is a first-time visitor, then the use of second and third-party data will be effective in determining the type of content that will be appreciated by the user.
  • Now data about user preference and interest is available, it is simple to deliver them the right creative and content.
  • DMP Manager can also be effective in knowing various segments of audience and even into the preferences of individual site visitors.
  • When a visitor lands on the site DMP Manager will provide an accurate description of the user which can be used to personalize the site.

Display content that kindles visitor interest, whether a visitor lands on the site for the first time or for the n-th time. Improve audience engagement rate and encourage the visitors to stay on the site for a longer period of time, this will enhance operational performance of the site. DMP Manager has improved the performance metrics of various sites in the past by abetting in the creation of content personalization programs. Content personalization begins with a DMP’s ability to understand audience better, know more about audience and create contents that are more likely to appeal to them.


decrease in bounce rate


increase in relevant personalized promotions


increase in conversions with a personalized call to action


increase in average sales order value


increase in repeated customers

Gain access to information about who your audience are and how they behave on the site. Identify different audience segments or even different users behaviour based on their preferences. Insights that can be utilized further for analyzing, who, typically looks at which types of content online. Make use of vital data to devise an advanced strategy to reach and influence more individuals. Deliver content that appeals to audience and encourage them to come back to the site, stay longer and be more engaged with the site. Also, determine the type of content and users who are most likely to help you accomplish business goals and improve revenue.

Content Personalization for Publishers & Marketers

DMP Manager’s Content Personalization is highly beneficial for publishers and marketers, it improves the relevancy of the content which the visitors see, content that pushes visitor to spend more time on the site, improving prospects and revenue. Guaranteed increase in user engagement with improved brand loyalty and overall strategy for operation. Marketers can also use DMP Manager to enhance brand recognition, customer loyalty and sales. For effective content personalization, marketers and publishers must know precise information about their customer, visitors, leads and other audience through an advanced DMP. Organize data and build audience groups and, finally, activate that data.

  • In-depth information about customer interest, online shopping history and much more to assist marketers in serving the right creatives , whether creatives are delivered through website banners, sponsored social media posts, emails or some other medium.
  • Personalized ads served will increase the likelihood that those ads will be relevant to the customers who see them. This increased relevancy improves the chances that the ad will lead to a sale.
  • A real-time example is, say that a marketer for a company that sells sports accessories online. If first-party data tells you that a given customer has purchased football shoes and football from your site in the past, you know that they are a football player, and you can send them ads about football and products related to playing football.
  • Without that information, you might send them ads about violin-related products, which would not be relevant to them. Say you’re trying to decide which ads to send a customer who has never bought anything from you before. Use third-party data to determine interest.
  • Use audience profiles in DMP Manager to suggest products to customers who visit your website. Rather than display a generic set of products, you can show a customer only products related to items they’ve purchased or viewed in the past. Also, send personalized coupons and special deals about products they are likely to buy.

Incorporating content personalization in marketing operations has numerous benefits. Deliver content relevant to the user; improve engagement,conversion rate, brand awareness and loyalty. Targeting ads more effectively can increase sales because it enables to show the right ads to the right customers at the right times. In addition, it can decrease ad spend because it reduces the number of ads that are sent to customers who will not be interested in them and, therefore, not make a purchase.

Publisher or marketer, using DMP Manager for content personalization can assist in reaching your business goals. Serve customers and site visitors with content which is more relevant based on their behavioural pattern and purchase intent. DMP Manager is the perfect platform to collect, organize , activate data and personalize content for elevating your business performance.

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