Integrating DMP

dJAX DMP Manager offers you seamless integration with every leading marketing and advertisement technology that is currently in use and is designed to integrate with technologies that will emerge in the future. Perfect integration of Adtech technologies like revive adserver, programmatic adserver, Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Supply Side Platform (SSP), Affiliate APIs are provided along with email marketing and social media marketing platforms like Mautic Platform.The well organised, systematic integration offers you with the opportunity to become a leader in the digital data ecosystem. The perfect professional help will guide you towards being the right technology to the right audience at the right time. With multiple integration partners dJAX DMP Manager offers you the best in class consulting. Some of our integration partners include OnAudience, Liveramp and mobilewalla.

Data Analysis Assistance

Taxonomical structuring of your data will be the perfect start if you are planning to take on the data competition in the digital ecosystem. dJAX DMP Manager offer you the state of the art taxonomical features based on industry standards and classifications and will guide you in organising data into perfectly nested categories. DMP Manager provides you significant help in connecting your offline customer data with your data management platform. The process is carried out while maintaining sole ownership and control over the customer data. Increase the quality of customer intelligence across the organisation by uploading data in a privacy compliant manner.


Solution for Identity Management

People based marketing rather than cookie based marketing will bring in right audience on all digital channels. With DMP Manager’s omnichannel customer view, customer data can be unified across all the platforms thereby playing a vital part in better planning for the campaign. Bringing in all the customers under a single roof will help in targeting the right audience group with right ads across multiple devices in Data Driven Advertising.This also will optimize campaigns that can create a major impact in marketing activities. DMP Manager Identity management solution along with an efficient DSP can make a better choice when purchasing ad inventory, better ad inventory for better ad delivery. Publishers or Ad servers with the Identity management can enhance their inventory offerings for advertisers.


Best strategies and recommendations by DMP Manager after a precise and detailed evaluation of your data management platform. It provides best options to enhance data integration and segmentations so that you can reach the pinnacle of success in your business. DMP Manager follows the perfect method to analyse data integrity and provide you the better optimization solution for smart audience analytics. By understanding the source of audience data we guide you towards better segmentation strategies and enhanced data collection methods. Also, we provide guidance in creating the perfect segment creating strategies based on frequency capping benefits for each campaign. We also assist you on how a segment can be build with descriptive or predictive depending on target individuals that bring in efficiencies in programmatic ad delivery and help marketers focus in driving in the customers.

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