Integration with DMP

dJAX DMP Manager offers you seamless integration with every leading marketing and advertisement technology that is currently in use and is designed to integrate with technologies that will emerge in the future.

  • Provide seamless integration with Adtech technologies like Revive Adserver, Programmatic Adserver, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs).
  • Integration with Martech Platforms like CRM , e-mail and social media marketing platforms like Mautic platform is amplified to enhance reach.
  • Professional assistance towards complex integration issues to attain better operational efficiency in every aspect of the business.
  • Well organised systematic integration influences marketing operations to a great extent and it can be utilized to amplify your reach in the market.
  • Integrating Adservers with DMP manager will abet advertisers to improve behaviourally-targeted campaigns thereby improving campaign performance to reach relevant audience and convert them into customers. Publisher can better understand visitor and their behaviour with this vital information and gain more invaluable data.
  • Integration of DMP with DSP aid in making perfect ad buying decisions and offers better ROI. This also reduces ad wastages during campaigns.
  • Martech platform like CRM when integrated with DMP can deliver personalized offers to existing customers and also can also obtain new customers through effective digital advertising.

Integration with Data Providers

It is vital to choose the best data provider in the present digital trend. Choosing the perfect data provider according to your business requirements is a crucial part in staying ahead of the curve. With numerous data providers we guide you in selecting the best one according to your requirement and offer professional assistance in integrating with them.

  • We employ best integration strategies and advance technologies that can elevate your business in digital data operations.
  • Precise data integration with efficient and qualified data providers will be carried out after detailed analysis of your requirements.
  • The complied list of data providers will deliver a clear picture in choosing the right one depending upon your business requirements and audience to be targeted.
  • Based on parameters provided by the data providers, we aid you in selecting perfect data for rapid growth in your business. For example, if the data providers have perfect matching parameters but only for offline data and the client requirement is online data then we suggest with Data Onboarding.
  • Finding the perfect data providers for your need and assisting you throughout the entire process of integration to obtain maximum results in terms of performance for your business.
  • Expert assistance will be offered while integrating Adservers like Revive Adserver, dJAX Adserver, also for integration with DSPs and CRMs perfect assistance will be provided for enhancing the standard of operations.

Data Analysis Assistance

Gaining access to quality data is imperative in this digital environment, we support you in it by acquiring quality data with expert analysis assistance and perfect taxonomical structuring. Perfection in analysis and taxonomy with best standards and classification will improve operational efficiency of your business.

  • DMP Manager offers you significant assistance in connecting with offline customers data without any hassle through your data management platform and you will maintain sole ownership of customer data throughout the process.
  • State of the art taxonomical features based on industry standards and classifications that will guide you in organising data into perfectly nested categories.
  • We abet in uploading high quality data in a privacy compliant manner and increase the quality of data that can deliver a deeper customer insight for precise targeting during campaigns.
  • We handle operations with best analytical and statistical tools to get a better and deeper understanding about audience data. This can assist in taking better marketing and business decisions.


An error-free analysis and report about your data management platform with precise, detailed and on the point evaluation. Best strategies and recommendations offered by DMP Manager will aid you to transcend in the field without much effort by reaching the right audience in every campaign.

  • Best in class analysis of data integrity will lead you to an optimized solution to reach audience in a smarter way.
  • A clear understanding about the source of audience data will aid us in guiding you towards better segmentation strategies and enhanced data collection methods.
  • The perfect use of frequency capping technique will help you benefit from every campaign and increases brand reach, awareness and revenue.
  • We assist you on how a segment can be built with descriptive or predictive analysis depending on target individuals or audience group that bring in efficiency to programmatic ad delivery and help marketers focus on the right customers.

Identity Management

Cookie based marketing and targeting have proven to be effective when compared with audience based marketing. DMP Manager offers productive and efficient solutions to handle identity management that can bring in the right viewers into the spectrum of operation through all the digital channels.

  • Omnichannel customer view and data provided by DMP Manager can easily unify data across all the platforms and plays a crucial part in planning better campaign strategy.
  • All vital data under a single roof will establish a simple yet effective targeting practise, delivering the right creative to the right audience across multiple devices through Adservers (Revive and dJAX Adservers), DSPs and SSPs.
  • Better optimized campaigns that can deliver astonishing results within limited period of time. This will create a major impact in marketing strategies and activities.
  • Identity management by DMP Manager along with an efficient DSP will provide a perfect results when purchasing ad inventory, better ad inventories for better ad delivery. Publishers and Adservers with Identity Management can enhance their inventory offerings for advertisers.
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