What is Behavioral Marketing? How dJAX DMP help to achieve this?

Behavioral Marketing is method to strengthen advertising campaigns by targeting the campaigns based on marketers preference. This method uses users’ personal information and online behavior patterns to deliver more relevant ads. So advertisers and publishers can target customers based on their behaviors across different websites. This increases the sales revenue as well as brand awareness. […]

Identity Resolution by dJAX dmpmanager

Recognizing the Audience and Audience addressability is a greater challenge in delivering a seamless customer experience. Knowing about your customer well will help to create sustainable loyalty between a customer and a product.What ever the device or channel the user had come in, identifying your audience across touch points will facilitate a seamless individual journey. […]

Content Personalization – Improve Audience Engagement with Quality Data

Display contents and products that are preferred by each individual when they land on the webpage. When individual land on the page, with the assistance of quality data the content and products on the page, will be personalized based on the user intent. This increases the chances of conversion, improves revenue and engage the audience […]

GDPR then CCPA, Data Privacy regulations

Regulations related to data privacy are emerging around the globe. Regions, countries and even individual states worldwide are formulating and implementing new data privacy regulations to handle this data era. All the industries in the digital space expected GDPR compliance to handle data privacy effectively, but the passing of the “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)” […]

On-boarding a DMP: things to know before onboarding

Business world thrives on data. Everything a user does on a website or mobile application generates data. It’s up to a marketer how he/she can leverage this data to create a strategy and boost conversion. It’d be a big mistake to let go of data without carefully evaluating it. Here, evaluation means extracting all the necessary […]

How to enhance the potential of DMP?

Digital management Platform plays a vital part in reaching the right audience with the perfect creatives, the technological developments in digital advertising is placed on the foundation of DMPs. Ensuring better reach and brand awareness the platform is designed for aiding marketers and publishers to reach their pinnacle of success. But there is a catch, […]

Role of Data management platform in customised strategy

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) play a critical role in an organization’s ability to store and manage immense first party data. However, the long-term value of a DMP ultimately comes from how you take action with that customer information. The ability to access and leverage data efficiently is what turns a DMP from a data-storage warehouse into a marketing machine. A […]

Is data management platform mandatory?

In the digital landscape, data is climbing the steps to the throne. With so much data available, all the paths of growth now rely on how data is being used. Data gathering and reporting enhance the knowledge about data subjects, like behaviour pattern and traffic sources, delivering practical results based on the available data are […]

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