How to enhance the potential of DMP?

Digital management Platform plays a vital part in reaching the right audience with the perfect creatives, the technological developments in digital advertising is placed on the foundation of DMPs. Ensuring better reach and brand awareness the platform is designed for aiding marketers and publishers to reach their pinnacle of success. But there is a catch, […]

Role of Data management platform in customised strategy

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) play a critical role in an organization’s ability to store and manage immense first party data. However, the long-term value of a DMP ultimately comes from how you take action with that customer information. The ability to access and leverage data efficiently is what turns a DMP from a data-storage warehouse into a marketing machine. A […]

Is data management platform mandatory?

In the digital landscape, data is climbing the steps to the throne. With so much data available, all the paths of growth now rely on how data is being used. Data gathering and reporting enhance the knowledge about data subjects, like behaviour pattern and traffic sources, delivering practical results based on the available data are […]

Data management platform makes it better for the public sector

Data in the digital era plays a crucial role in determining the efficient operation of public sectors. They help public sectors in achieving their strategic objectives and meet the expectations of every individual constituent. Every operator in the sector has realized the value of data, almost 87 percent of the agencies are considering data to […]

Data management platform and Adtech use cases

Big names in advertising technology (adtech) and marketing technology (martech) are leaning towards various channels that can integrate different shopping channels, it is used as a method to define, implement and measure the reach of their marketing strategy and media spend.  An important role for Adtech and martech players is offering delightful experience to customers […]

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