automobile industry taking advantage of data management platform

Automobile industries taking advantage of DMP

With the happening technological changes, every industry around the globe is faced with unprecedented challenges. Automobile industries are not an exempted from this, as one of the fastest growing industries they are struggling to read their consumer. That is where the Data Management Platform (DMP) plays a vital role.

Every brand out there is provided with an enormous amount of data, but data without a purpose will be of no use to anyone handling it. The data obtained must be leveraged to effectively market their brands and vehicles. The biggest problem is finding the correct group of audience with creatives and appropriate messages to reach them effectively. It should be struck at the right time in during a consumer journey else it will not be effective for the industry.

The challenge is how smart marketers are planning to incorporate the sea of data at their disposal?  

In the digital environment, many automobile industries are solving this major challenge by increasing the number of digital campaigns across various digital platforms in the hope of reaching the maximum population.

This kind of approach was made difficult by the ever-increasing electronic gadgets and bidding platforms, the approach started to see adverse results in the market. These approaches were a blanket approach to the entire population and have resulted in the ultimate decrease in marketing ROI.

The best solution for the present challenges and the challenges to come is the use of an efficient Data Management Platform. An efficient platform can make use of the data resources to gain efficiency in their digital media buys.

DMPs have a tremendous role to play in centralizing data under a single roof. This allows marketers to effectively organise online and offline data and gain in-depth knowledge about audience demographics. These finding will allow marketers to design a perfect digital campaign to the targeted audience.

dJAX DMP manager allows marketers to improve audience targeting and reduce wastage on unwanted media on unwanted audiences and manage audience duplication across plans. One particular company after the implementation of dJAX DMP manager show a significant increase in sale, better efficiency in manufacturing and must reduced wastage in terms of time and resource. The manufacturing efficiency of the organization increased by 36% which when compared with previous manufacturing data showed an increase of 26% in a remarkably short span of time. Also, the DMP manager enabled the organization to cut down a great deal of wastage in terms of resource and time, considerably 19% of raw material resource has been saved just after a ten-day period of implementation. All these factors totally contribute to the great increase in the revenue of the industry. This can drastically improve the return of investment on the marketing side of the industry. There are some simple procedures that must be followed by automakers when looking for a DMP approach.

Organised data to achieve campaign results

The DMP must provide access to highly curated data including Demographic, Lifestyle, Transactional, Social and In-Market audiences. This will allow marketers to know more about their current customer group and develop hyper-targeted audiences to power their media plans to achieve specific goals. It must be ensured that the DMP provides access to myriads to data that are diverse and help in targeting the entire customer base.

Not just service software

First, of many things to be aware of is, marketers should know who their customers are, every data pertaining to their behavioural pattern, attributes, the present buying status and what are they likely to buy next. All these insights are keys to making the perfect marketing campaign for the automobile industry. dJAX DMP manager not only centralizes first part audience data but also provides marketers with an approach to discover and unlock insights about their first-party data. In digital campaign knowing the audience to target makes all the difference or things may go down in the drains.

Identify use cases

The industry must make sure that their DMP providers are well staffed with experts in the field and approach business strategically. With experts in the field guiding you there will be almost zero chances of errors. New vehicle launches and sales events is a critical element to executing a successful DMP engagement.  If the process of going with a DMP is so simple then all the automaker in the industry will be going after it, but the biggest risk lies in choosing the correct DMP that can provide expert support with data strategies. dJAX DMP manager provides insights and analytics that help in understanding reaching the right consumer.

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