Know all about your audience; target them with the right ads. DMP Manager analytics provide you with the best options for increasing the brand reach,awareness, and conversions. Best analytical features available in the industry, accompanied by precise targeting features for better operation in every aspect. Imperative analytical features in understanding audience behavioural pattern for providing them with the perfect ad experience.

Audience Analytics

DMP Manager’s audience analytics provides complete user insight with respect to user interaction across all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. This feature also abet in delivering precise tailor made reports for amplifying the operational performance. Highly informative and meticulous analytical report along with options to explore audience behaviour, this supports you by elevating the parameters for internal market research and provides a better and deeper understanding of consumer behaviour. These advance features lead to improve the efforts on content personalization and strengthen campaign performance.

Real-time Analytics

Real time analytics, provides the best reports. Real time reports provided will help a great deal in understanding audience better and also paints a detailed insight about site visitors at any given moment. This ensures the involved parties are up-to-date on what is happening with clear analytical data. Real time Geo-location is effective to target specific country or region in tune your campaigns in real time and find new audiences for you. Real time reporting feature of DMP manager is an excellent feedback system that is vital for making real time changes to improve campaign performance.

Behavioural Analytics

Actionable insight for the site and content is what behavioral analytics is all about. It provides detailed analytics on pages engaging the user, and about pages that have minimal user attention and interaction. Users pattern can be easily visualized, meaning, the page in which the user lands, navigating to other pages and finally on which page the user exit. This clearly gives detailed information about popular paths thereby increasing the chances of getting more conversion and provides a better performance tracking over the time.

Campaign Analytics

Clear insight provided by campaign interaction brings the best solutions for audience targeting and is guaranteed to increase campaign performance. User engagement and behaviour can be clearly tracked with advance features which increases the quality of leads obtained. Poor performing non targeted strategies can be removed from operation and with clear audience targeting amplified campaign performance is assured. Smart retargeting ad campaigns by DMP Manager play a significant role in reducing ad waste.

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