DMP for Agencies

Agencies need for Data Management Platform

To drive greater insight about habits, spending, demographics and buying intentions of customers fills in the gaps in your understanding of how and when to deliver the right ads matching their stage in the buyer journey to make an impact in the moments that matter to get the most out of your marketing investment.

Campaign Performance

Enhance your campaign performance with Campaign that focus only on customers who are likely to respond. Great way to improve audience engagement with DMP Manager, a balanced win-win situation for all the involved parties in the ad campaign. dJAX DMP Manager allows you to improve audience engagement rate and help you find valuable customers and clients.

Better Engagement

It is Easy to deliver relevant creatives, new insights to reach your audience better. dJAX DMP Manager provided you with first hand access to audience likes and dislikes, this enables agencies to deliver customized relevant content. You can target the perfect audience at the exact time for maximum engagement. dJAX DMP Manager allows you to improve your future campaigns by using the previous campaigns audience data, getting better results and engagement with every campaign.

DSP/SSP Integration

Deliver creatives according to the demand, creatives that match the exact requirement of the demand raised at any particular point. Imperative set of data will be provided by dJAX DMP to DSP that can enhance the creative delivering experience. Focusing campaign only to the consumers who are most likely to respond. A perfect score of audience information will be obtained by DMP for implementing the perfect

Help your client with Data onboarding

With the onboarding mechanism that allow to activate customers through CRM onboarding, server-to-server onboarding, mobile SDKs and tag and pixel implementation, you can unify your first-party data in-store, website, CRM and campaign data and so you can increase reach, targeting and consistency.

Unique insights for your clients

Real-time reporting capabilities with machine-learning-driven insights,agencies can share the deep insights on how their advertising is driving incremental outcomes for their client campaigns and reveal audience overlap between multiple segments and performance of your audiences.

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