DMP for Advertisers​

Advertising Data Management Platform

dJAX DMP Manager delivers precisely targeted campaigns to amplify audience response and conversions, well organised and productive method for advertisers to increase their overall Return of Investment (ROI). Reduce ad wastage and improve brand awareness with advanced features which can elevate your operational performance as an advertiser.

Advertisers will be allowed to have complete control over their first-party data and compare it to other third-party audience data. The centralized control of all their audience data allows advertisers to make smarter media buying and campaign planning activities. Manage, analyze and optimize campaigns that are capable of reaching the right audience with the right creative. dJAX DMP Manager intensifies your campaigns in every operational aspect and deliver better results in terms of ROI and audience reach.

Cross device identification

An imperative part of Adtech ecosystem in the present era is the ability to communicate with individuals in a personalized manner. dJAX DMP Manager allows you to do so, irrespective of the number and type of devices used by the user. We not only provide the best audience insight but also provide the complete picture of in multiple touch point where user interacts with multiple devices. Regardless of whether the visitor is using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, dJAX DMP Manager associates all connections and assist you in understanding more about audience behavioural pattern.

  • Improve the performance of online advertising campaigns by displaying relevant and retargeted ads. Example, if the consumer viewed about a particular brand of bike on their mobile, then the company can display them a retargeted ad on their desktop.
  • Better reach and efficient campaigns increasing brand awareness among audience. Example- instead of being limited to displaying ads to consumers on their desktop, advertisers can display ads to consumers on their desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Reduce ad wastage during campaigns by delivering more relevant ads on every device engaged by audience.
  • Identify and track your visitors and customers across multiple devices is that you can better understand their behaviour across all devices.

Audience insight

Quality of audience insight offered is directly proportional to the quality of data. Best quality data offered by dJAX DMP Manager fills the gap by merging together all the quality audience data from browser cookies to customer IDs and fill in the gaps with third-party data; all these put together offer an indispensible insight about audience.

  • Invaluable data offers better understanding of audience composition, behavioural pattern and a deeper insight into their profile.
  • dJAX DMP Manager provides you with the best insights that can assist you in planning better campaigns in the future resulting in better ROI.
  • Relevant creative to the right audience with the best combination of reports and audience insights leads to better performing campaigns with smarter optimizations and targeting decisions to guide user through the conversion path.

Analyze large quantities of audience data

Larger quantity of audience analysis will enable brands to know more about their potential customers and provide a deeper understanding of the current trend in the market. By analysing a huge chunk of data dJAX DMP Manager has its roots deep in advanced audience data analysis.

  • By making use of Cutting edge technology, dJAX DMP Manager allows you to enhance your marketing strategy, customer experience, and brand perception.
  • With the ability to analyze a user’s first-party online and offline data along with the data pulled from third-party data sources to give you rule-based control over audience definition on the segmenting and audience building.
  • Our deeper and customized analysis reveals a trend among the target audience. An actionable insight which helps brands to make informed decisions about updates to improve their performance.

Increased conversion and ROI

Best insights, analysis and reports provided by dJAX DMP Manager allows you improve campaign performance and increase conversions. With precise and detailed reports, changes can be made in real time for better performance and lead audience towards conversion.

  • dJAX DMP Manager also increases the possibility of delivering relevant ads to the right audience, thereby increasing audience conversion and ROI.
  • Real time reports generated will assist you in making much needed changes to the campaigns, targeting to improve your click through rate and drive more visitors to your landing page.
  • With the ‘look-alike’ and ‘act-alike’ audience finding, that are most likely to take action on your campaigns improves your revenue while increasing the reach of your campaign to the right audience.
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