DMP for Advertisers​

Advertisers need for Data Management Platform

Advertiser want to target campaigns to improve response and conversion rates, in a more timely and productive way. And their goal would be to control the advertising costs, while also improving overall ROI.

dJAX DMP Manager allows advertisers to take control of their first party data and compare it to third-party audience data, to make smarter media buying and campaign planning Advertisers with the centralized control of all of their audience data, helping to manage,analyze and optimize campaigns that reach more of the right people and drive improved ROI.

Cross Device Identification

Regardless of whether the visitor is using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, the dJAX DMP Manager associates all connections in the visitor basis procedure to enable you to understand user insight on what drives them more and where the advertisement to be delivered for a maximim impact.

dmp publisher

Audience Insight

dJAX DMP Manager offer demographic and behavioral information making you to understand your audiences composition and other attributes. With this audience analytics you get an complete insight to make decisions for your future campaigns resulting in an increased ROI.

Analyze large quantities of audience data

With the ability to analyze a user’s first-party online and offline data along with the data pulled from third-party data sources to give you rule-based control over audience definition on the segmenting and audience building.

Increase Campaign Conversion Rates and its reach

dJAX DMP Manager will check on the campaign conversion and may tell you that the who are really interested in your Campaigns. These insights can be used to adjust your campaign targeting or other parameters to improve your click through rate and drive more visitors to your landing page. With the ‘look-alike’ and ‘act-alike’ audience finding, that are most likely to take action on your campaigns improves your revenue while increasing the reach of your campaign to the right audience.

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