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dJAX DMP manager to meet all your business needs, the tailor-made platform in the evolving technological trend. Engineered additional features on request to elevate your business standards, dJAX DMP manager is an ideal platform to launch from in the data based digital era. We provide you with an opportunity to lead the market by delivering additional features based upon the evolving trend. dJAX DMP manager allows you to access valuable data that will help in launching audience engaging campaigns. Also, we make things easier by providing features that give direct insights into audience behaviour. Allow us to make you the best in what you do.  

Unique ID based tracking

Unique ID Based Tracking

Cross-Device DMP allows you to seamlessly extend your audiences across screens. Can reach audience through right device at the right time. Tracking same user from multiple device narrows up the user behaviour and makes trageting goals easier.

Third party data import

Third Party Data Import

Importing data from Data Providers comply with GDPR compliance. Comparing First-party to third-party data, makes better decisions on media buying and campaign planning.

Tag management

Tag Management

Tag manager gives users a central place to control tags and the flow of the data collected. Customizable tracking options to make sure all tags are privacy compliant. Help advertisers and agencies to set tags in websites for monitoring and collecting data.

Clear statistical report

Clear Statistical Report

Real time reports to make ad campaigns perform better. An ideal platform that can enhance the chances of delivering engaging creatives for proceeding further with the ad campaigns. Organised reports with easy access and readability.

IAB category based targeting

IAB Category Based Targeting

Grouping the user under the IAB category based on the Websites visited. Ads reaches right audience matching their behavioural interest. If there is a request to target audience based on a particular category from IAB, then we provide you with the data for it. Without any hindrance the required data will be available at your disposal.

Custom ad delivery

Custom Ad Delivery

Deliver custom ads for users who are likely to respond. By implementing this technique one can reduce ad wastage. A perfect ad campaign with tailor made creatives to capture the interest of audience.

Flawless campaign with the power of data across all the devices
Amplify audience engagement with impeccable targeting creatives, know your audience.

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