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With dJAX DMP Manager, Marketers, Publishers and Agencies can keenly focus on improving the customer experience across channels and turn user data into valuable business insights for better and higher ROI. dJAX DMP Manager offers fully customizable solution which helps businesses in Adtech industry with data driven marketing and data driven advertising and offer Martech industry an edge over data driven personalization to achieve their goals.

How dJAX DMP Manager benefit your digital marketing?

dJAX DMP Manager platform makes it easy to manage all customer data and build custom segments dedicated to upcoming campaigns. Divide your customers based on specific products, markets or attributes and deliver them tailored adverts.

Centralized Data

Customer data warehouse which easily collects information and brings to light the insight information about your visitors interests, purchase intentions and demography.

Advanced Segment Management

To reaching out to the right audience, create segments and run personalized campaigns to deliver your clients with accurate messages to improve relationship with your clients.

Audience Insight

By knowing the customer purchase intent, market, age, gender or interests and deliver them personalized ads that are more effective than traditional ads that you are really close to success.

data leakage
No Data Leakage

Data is exchanged in a secure and transparent way by encrypting the data. Ensures that the information cannot be used by a third party without that first source’s consent.

Globally Privacy Compliant
Globally Privacy Compliant

Use appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data against unauthorized processing and accidental disclosure,access, or alteration with GDPR compliance.

Real-Time Identity Resolution
Real-Time Identity Resolution

Ability to persistently identify within the mobile web environment that increases the overall match rates and value of a client’s cross-device graph.

dJAX data management platform, based on Hadoop smoothens data integration, segmentation and preparation based on meta data and workflow into a single software solution. Integrate with multiple data processing tools that can deliver scalable, cost effective and solutions that can be deployed instantly. Simplify data ingestion into Hadoop with dJAX DMP manager, organise your data and make it available to users in a way they want it.You can onboard offline data from a data warehouse, a customer relationship management database, or an email-based offline source into the platform to maximize your offline onboard. Based on the offline attributes, you can then target, optimize, analyze, and model your users.

Quantum Leap Analytics

User Behaviour Analytics

An advanced approach towards analysing the behavioural pattern enhances the accuracy and relevance of placing relevant ads at the right time and place for better engagement.

Mobile Analytics

Collecting data of the audience interaction in mobile provides deeper insight of audience and in-market behaviors helping mobile advertisers place relevant ads for better engagement.

Real-Time Analytics

A quick paced attitude towards the use of data and related resources as soon as the data enters the system, an enhanced real time report on the location, traffic source for the website.

Audience Analytics

Audience information, on the behaviour, device used, and amount of time spent on page, audience engagement with the page. A complete report to meet the needs on ends.

Form Analytics

Detailed analysis of user behaviour in online form fields and metrics, along with pages and actions. We provide a thorough analysis of user interaction with the forms.

Traffic Analytics

You can easily track your website visitors and learn about specific traffic sources,understanding your customers, discover referrers, tracking referrer metrics and making more informed decisions.

DMP Platform Solution

DMP Whitelabel

Own the best dJAX DMP Manager under your brand, where dJAX DMP manager will be your hosting and invisible technology partner. You have all administrator rights to deal with your customers, see their reports or dispatch their crusades. Convey an adaptable and very adjustable White Label DMP arrangement with dJAX DMP manager that bolsters a wide range of combinations.

Key Benefits:

  • You can skip the design and programming process with our readily available dJAX DMP Manager.

  • Boosts the visibility of your brand with a powerful strategy to increase your distribution.

  • Strengthens the loyalty of clients by scale your services portfolio.

  • Safe storage for user data, no leakage of user data as it is stored in your own white label DMP not in a third party DMP cloud.

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