Marketers use the processed data to plan and automate their advertising. They can use the information to aid their cross platform advertising and make sure they get the most out of their campaign. Likewise the publishers enjoy data security and an increased CPM with dJAX Data Management Platform.

Data Centralization

Data can be a compilation of first party data, second party data and third party data. Data is robust, dynamic and constantly updated

Segment Management

Divide the market into parts or segments, based on specific attributes. Marketers to arrive at a baseline profile of their intended audience.


Integration with third-party audience data source to acquire anonymous data to achieve higher precision with targeting campaigns.


Customized re-targeting campaigns that can be implemented based on collected data on the user’s specific activities and behaviours.

Advanced analytics

Better understanding of the type of users data from DMP. Also, control data assets, monitors its usage and increases the CPM.

Products we offer

dJAX DMP Manager

  • Customizable and Tailor-made DMP based on customer needs
  • First party data collection from internal CRM’s and other tracking pixels
  • Primary to advanced segmentation of the processed data
  • View, store and make use of statistics and reports
  • Self-hosted servers for data storage and processing

Solutions we offer

dJAX DMP Solution

  • Seamless integration with an external DMP, Ad network, SSP or DSP
  • Third party data compilation and integration
  • Data segmentation done based on user preference
  • Data platform server hostingundertaken
  • Effective retargeting for for better ROI


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